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5 Perks of Teaching

We all remember our favourite schoolteacher and upon reflection we can see how they influenced us to become the people we are today. You could be this inspiration to a child

1. Rewarding – You have the ability to inspire a child by igniting and developing their passion. You can have a huge impact in shaping their lives – this is a massive responsibility but a hugely rewarding one.

2. People Focused- The job is highly sociable; you work within many teams and will develop a strong network. You will rely on your team to help you through the lows and enjoy the highs. Lifelong friendships are created within the education sector.

3. No Two Days Are The Same – Within the education sector every day is different. You’ll be teaching different subjects with different children whilst learning from different colleagues. We can guarantee you will never be bored.

4. Flexibility – Long summer holidays and flexible working hours sound great right? One of the unique benefits for working within the education sector is the regular break throughout the year as well as the flexibility in the working day.

5. Progression- Teachers will always be in high demand, there is room to develop your skill set, earn more money and progress to a higher status by taking on extra responsibility. Every day is a school day

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