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RRG Will Cycles 530km across USA for Velindre Cancer Charity

"It was sometime in July 2022, I (Will, Managing Director of Revised Recruitment Group) decided to complete an epic challenge to raise an unprecedented amount of money for Velindre Cancer Charity. Cycling 530km across USA, specifically Arizona, Utah and Nevada with 90 riders led by Welsh rugby legend Jonathan Davies aka Jiffy.

The ride passed through Zion, Bryce and Grand Canyons amongst others - and boy did we see some views. 10 hours a day in the saddle was a huge challenge (especially with my arse) but this challenge was nothing compared to the challenge a cancer patient will face each and every day and truthfully; that is what inspired me to keep going somedays.

Every ounce of blood, sweat and tears was worth it and to represent Revised Recruitment Group on such an amazing challenge for such a great cause was brilliant. Finishing alongside all these amazing people; a mixture of athletes, ex pro rugby players and everyday people just raising money for Velindre was a feeling you only feel a few times in your life.

Velindre Cancer Centre, the Hospital of Hope cares, supports and treats over 130,000 patients each year!! Imagine that! So taking part in something like this was the least I could do.

At Revised Recruitment Group we are always on the look out for a worthy cause to support and drive so this is a thank you to everyone who supported me, and everyone else on this challenge.”

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