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Working with Revised Recruitment – Life as a Supply Teaching Assistant

Holly is studying for a degree while working as a supply teaching assistant with Revised Recruitment. Holly is developing the skills and confidence to manage a classroom – all while earning an impressive day rate. We're helping her to gain the necessary experience to kickstart her career.

"I knew I wanted to become a teacher at aged eight," said Holly. "I've been working my whole life to make this happen." Holly is working toward a career as a PE teacher, following her passion for helping children experience the physical and mental health benefits of exercise.

She came to work as a supply teaching assistant with Revised Recruitment following a conversation with her sister. "My sister works as an agency recruiter and explained that I could gain professional experience while studying. I was sceptical, but within two minutes of searching online, I discovered Revised Recruitment."

Many candidates, like Holly, believe they need previous teaching experience to apply, but this isn't always true. We provide training to all applicants if required, which Holly benefitted from initially.

Holly contacted us while in her second year of a university degree course. After successfully registering with Revised Recruitment, we offered Holly her first placement. "I was able to choose when I work and where I work," she said. "I've worked in several different schools in Cardiff and surrounding areas. I can pick and choose where I work, which I really appreciate."

Fast-forward to today, and Holly is loving life as a supply teaching assistant. "I used to be a shy girl, and now I can command a class of 60 young people," she said. "Working with Revised Recruitment has had a massive impact on my confidence and helped me to become a better teacher."

Holly enjoys complete control over her working patterns. During term times, she fits her work schedule around her studies. In the holidays, she can work longer hours – sometimes up to five days per week. "The team at Revised Recruitment are flexible and totally respects what I've got going on in my life," said Holly. "I have total control, which I value."

Holly is busy preparing for life as a teacher, with the next step a PGCE. "I'm already being approached by schools who want me to work there," she said. Alongside the bonus of paid employment, Holly is gaining vital insights into how schools operate. "When I finish my degree, my work with Revised Recruitment will give me a head start. I not only have a number of years experience and some positive references, I also understand what it takes to work as a teacher."

At Revised Recruitment, we try to match our employees' skills, personalities, and individual preferences with the positions we offer them. We believe this makes for better and more rewarding experiences for teachers and students. It's worked for Holly. What advice would Holly give anyone considering whether to contact Revised Recruitment? "If you're studying to become a teacher, just do it," she said. "I'm 100% sure I want to be a teacher, and Revised Recruitment has helped me achieve this."

Would you like to know more about working with Revised Recruitment? Whether teaching is in your blood, or you just need extra money and think you would enjoy working with children, we have an opportunity waiting. Contact us today by emailing or complete our mini-application online.

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